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Workplace BINGO Printable Office Activity and Icebreaker Game for a Fun Staff Competition

Workplace BINGO Printable Office Activity and Icebreaker Game for a Fun Staff Competition

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Challenge your coworkers to a game of Workplace BINGO! 

BINGO for the Workplace is a fun game you can play at the office with coworkers. Cross off squares on your card as you experience them during your normal work day. Compete against other players to get a BINGO or a blackout! 

This printable download is set up as a PDF file for printing on standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper.

This listing includes 120 total cards size 5x7 inches in 6 colors: dark blue, light blue, red, orange, yellow, and green.  Bingo cards are set up to print two cards per page to save paper.  This activity also includes an instructions sheet.


  1. Instruction Sheet PDF 
  2. Dark Blue & Light Blue BINGO Cards PDF
  3. Red & Orange BINGO Cards PDF
  4. Yellow & Green BINGO Cards PDF


  • Print off and distribute BINGO cards to coworkers.  You can cut them out to create single cards or can skip cutting and just give everyone a 2 card sheet to play for double chances at a BINGO!
  • Use the Instruction sheet to explain to everyone how the game works
  • Determine if you’re playing to get a certain kind of bingo or a blackout.
  • Pay attention to what's going on around you during the workday and cross off anything that happens on your BINGO card.
  • Keep playing until someone gets a BINGO or a blackout…however you chose to play.
  • Have even more fun by giving out prizes for the winner!
  • Play as many rounds as you like!


This product is NOT set up to be editable.  It is a ready to print activity.

This is a digital download. Nothing physical will ship.

This product is for personal use only.

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