Hey! I'm Tiffany...

Tiffany sitting on log in woods holding mushrooms
Pug laying on bed

I've always been happiest when I'm creating.

I love having a project, something to build on, learn from, and improve. As a kid, I used to stash all kinds of materials in m
y bedroom closet...old pieces of cardboard, magazine clippings, boxes, scraps of colored paper, paint, markers, and various tools...anything I thought I might be able to create with.

Today my materials and tools are a bit different. Instead of scissors and glue I've got a computer and digital scraps and I'm focusing on creating digital products that revolve around creativity, fun, and growth.  Sometimes all it takes is a thank you note, an inspiring quote, positive wall art, or a fun group activity to light people up and change an outlook.

My other passion is hanging out with my pug, Cooper.  I absolutely LOVE Halloween, the entire fall season, hiking, and shopping for thrift store "treasures"!