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Horror Movie Matchup Printable Film Trivia Matching Game

Horror Movie Matchup Printable Film Trivia Matching Game

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Love horror movies?  Try this movie matchup challenge!

Challenge yourself to this Horror Movie Matchup printable activity. Try to match a movie title to a character/actor and movie reference by drawing lines to connect them. Play this as an individual challenge or competitively against others as a group challenge. You can add a time limit to increase the difficulty and see who can get the most matches before the clock runs out! This printable download comes with 3 unique worksheets and an answer key.

This printable download is set up as a PDF file for printing on standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper.

Simple and quick challenge for a Halloween party, October meeting, or movie night!


  1. Horror Movie Matchup PDF (includes all 3 worksheets)
  2. Horror Movie Matchup Answer Key PDF


  • Print off and distribute copies of the same worksheet and a writing utensil to everyone participating.
  • Set a time limit.
  • Everyone will individually try to make as many matches as they can on their worksheet before the time is up
  • Reference the answer key or read it aloud at the end to determine who made the most correct matches. 
  • You can also distribute all 3 sheets to everyone at once for a more difficult challenge…or play each sheet as a separate round.


This product is NOT set up to be editable.  It is a ready to print activity.

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