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Decision Quest Bundle #1 with Desert Island, Fallout Shelter, Space Mission, and Zombie Apocalypse, Printable Team Building Activities

Decision Quest Bundle #1 with Desert Island, Fallout Shelter, Space Mission, and Zombie Apocalypse, Printable Team Building Activities

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A bundle of 4 group decision-making story activities for use as group icebreakers and team building challenges. Each activity involves a brief multi-round each round groups will have to make a decision about which items to bring, leave behind, or get rid of depending on the situation they find themselves in. This team building activity is all about communication, discussion, and decision-making as a group while facing a time limit. Each story activity will take about 20 minutes but you can adjust the time of each round according to your own needs.  Provides a quick and easy option for a staff meeting, team gathering, class game, or whenever you need a short team-building challenge.

These printable downloads are set up as PDF files for printing on standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper.


Desert Island:  You and friends are heading to a tropical vacation when your small sea plane breaks down and has to crash land in the ocean.  As it sinks, your group must decide what to throw into an inflatable raft for survival and make your way toward a nearby deserted island.

Fallout Shelter:  You’re hanging out at Bob’s backyard BBQ when suddenly everyone receives cell phone alerts that nuclear missiles are incoming.  Your host informs you that he has a fallout shelter in his backyard and tells everyone to gather as many supplies as they can before heading to safety.

Space Mission:  Your captain has received a strange signal from a nearby planet and asks for volunteers to fly a shuttle down to investigate.  You must pack up storage crates for your mission and deal with events as they unfold.

Zombie Apocalypse:  Your group decides to go on a scavenging run but only has time to loot one location.  You must decide which store to loot and what items to grab.  Things don’t go as smoothly as you’d hoped and you must deal with some zombies along the way.  Try to get everyone out in one piece and go home with as much loot as you can.


  1. Decision Quest: Desert Island (3 PDFs)
  2. Decision Quest: Fallout Shelter (3 PDFs)
  3. Decision Quest: Space Mission (3 PDFs)
  4. Decision Quest: Zombie Apocalypse (5 PDFs)


  • As the facilitator, follow the instructions sheet to guide the activity.
  • Create groups of 3-5 people.
  • Distribute copies of the appropriate handouts according to instructions.
  • Start the activity by reading aloud “Round 1” from the story sheet and give the groups the stated amount of time to make their decisions for that round.  
  • When time is up move on to reading aloud “Round 2” from the story sheet and give groups time to make their decisions.  
  • Continue until the story is concluded.
  • Give each group a chance to discuss how their communication and decision making progressed during the activity, what items they have left at the end if any, and why they ultimately narrowed it down to those items.


This product is NOT set up to be editable.  It is a ready to print activity.

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