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Decision Quest: Desert Island, Printable Group Team Building Activity & Icebreaker Game

Decision Quest: Desert Island, Printable Group Team Building Activity & Icebreaker Game

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Go on a decision-making quest!

Work on team building with this ready to print group icebreaker activity. Communication and team decision-making are required as teams navigate through a multi-round themed story.  This activity takes roughly 20 minutes and is a quick and easy option for a staff meeting, team gathering, class game, or whenever you need a short team-building challenge.

This printable download is set up as a PDF file for printing on standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper.

Desert Island comes with a story sheet that you'll read aloud to participants. Each round on the story sheet puts participating groups into a situation where they have limited time to decide which items to keep or throw out as they make their way in a raft towards a desert island.


  1. Desert Island Instructions & Story PDF 
  2. Desert Island Item Sheets PDF 
  3. Desert Island Raft Sheet PDF 


  • Create groups of 3-5 people who will play as a team.
  • Follow the Instructions Sheet to prepare for and lead the activity.
  • Facilitator will read aloud a round from the story sheet and groups will be required to make decisions for that round within a specific amount of time.
  • Groups will utilize different handouts at different points of the story.
  • At the end, give each group a chance to discuss what survival items they ended up with when they reached the island, as well as how communication and decision-making progressed during the activity.


This product is NOT set up to be editable.  It is a ready to print activity.

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