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Decision Quest Bundle #2 with Covert Heist, Grocery Gauntlet, Office Portal, and Alien Abduction, Printable Team Building Activities

Decision Quest Bundle #2 with Covert Heist, Grocery Gauntlet, Office Portal, and Alien Abduction, Printable Team Building Activities

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A bundle of 4 group decision-making story activities for use as group icebreakers and team building challenges. Each activity involves a brief multi-round each round groups will have to make a decision about which items to bring, leave behind, or get rid of depending on the situation they find themselves in. This team building activity is all about communication, discussion, and decision-making as a group while facing a time limit. Each story activity will take about 20-30 minutes but you can adjust the time of each round according to your own needs.  Provides a quick and easy option for a staff meeting, team gathering, class game, or whenever you need a short team-building challenge.

These printable downloads are set up as PDF files for printing on standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper.


Covert Heist:  You’ve been hired to steal artifacts and valuables from the island hideout of a crime boss.  Your team will attempt to retrieve the most valuable items they can from the vault and make it out safely.  The team who makes it out with the highest dollar amount wins.

Grocery Gauntlet:  Compete against other groups on a TV game show.  There are 3 main game rounds on Grocery Gauntlet called "Name that Price", "Price Match", and "Shopping Spree." The game facilitator will award points in each round, track them with the team points tracker, and ultimately announce a winner. 

Office Portal:  Participants will start by choosing which office character they want to play by selecting a character sheet. This story takes place on a Friday at the office...a mysterious portal appears and sucks in one of your co-workers. Your team decides to grab office items for defense and jump into the portal to save her. Good luck!

Alien Abduction:  Decide what to pack in your backpack for a hiking/camping trip.  While enjoying the outdoors you get abducted by an alien spaceship and must ultimately deal with a curious but evil alien.  Can you appease him so he returns you to Earth?


  1. Decision Quest: Covert Heist (5 PDFs)
  2. Decision Quest: Grocery Gauntlet (5 PDFs)
  3. Decision Quest: Office Portal (5 PDFs)
  4. Decision Quest: Alien Abduction (4 PDFs)


  • As the facilitator, follow the instructions sheet to guide the activity.
  • Create groups of 3-5 people.
  • Distribute copies of the appropriate handouts according to instructions.
  • Start the activity by reading aloud “Round 1” from the story sheet and give the groups the stated amount of time to make their decisions for that round.  
  • When time is up move on to reading aloud “Round 2” from the story sheet and give groups time to make their decisions.  
  • Continue until the story is concluded.
  • Give each group a chance to discuss how their communication and decision making progressed during the activity, what items they have left at the end if any, and why they ultimately narrowed it down to those items.


This product is NOT set up to be editable.  It is a ready to print activity.

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